Elm Leaf Beetles are Here

You may be seeing lots of small ¼” long black and yellow striped beetles on your house recently. Well, you aren’t alone! Patton Termite & Pest Control has been receiving numerous calls from around Wichita about these troublesome little insects. 

What Damage Can Elm Leaf Beetles Cause?

Female Elm leaf beetles will lay their eggs on the underside of elm leaves. The eggs are yellow and typically laid in masses of one or two dozen. After they hatch in five to six days, they can do significant damage to the elm tree. The dark grub-like larvae feed on the underside of the leaf’s surface. They avoid the larger leaf veins which produce skeletonizing injuries that make the Elm leaves look lacy. The leaves will soon turn brown and may prematurely drop from the trees.

Eventually they crawl down the truck near the base and into cracks in the tree to pupate into adults. As they grow, they will chew holes in the tree’s leaves. The adult Elm leaf beetles are what you are seeing congregating on the outside of your home. In late summer to early fall, they begin searching for ways to enter homes to overwinter in the wall voids. They then work their way behind walls and other areas of buildings and may be found indoors until spring. As warmer weather arrives, they become more active and visible. 

They’re in the House… Now What?

Fortunately, Elm leaf beetles are strictly a nuisance and do not feed on nor damage anything within a home. But their very presence in a home is a common cause of concern. When you start to see Elm leaf beetles inside your home, it’s time to take action. First, thoroughly inspect the exterior perimeter of your home. Look for gaps, holes and voids that might provide access for these little critters to enter. These areas need to be sealed. If you’re not sure what to look for or just want expert help, call Patton today. Our technicians have the expertise to quickly identify pests and locate points of entry within your home. Patton offers interior services and exterior sprays that will stop these insects from getting into your walls and foundation. 

Prevent future Elm leaf beetle infestations with Patton’s monthly service. Our monthly service includes scouting for pests, setting traps and treating your home’s interior and exterior. Keep your kids and family safe with pet-friendly, 24-hour a day protection. Get started now by calling or connecting with Patton online for more information.

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