Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting Patton Termite & Pest Control’s website. Your interest is appreciated and we hope you find the information you’re seeking. Please see the list below for frequently asked questions and answers. Feel free to call or connect with Patton online if you don’t find what you’re looking for and still have questions. With board certified entomologists on staff, Patton provides professional plans for pest control. 


Q: Do I have to leave my house during residential pest control service?


A: For routine residential pest control service, you generally don’t need to leave the house. This includes pets as well. With traditional service, such as a liquid spray, you do need to make sure that all pets and children are kept off of the treated surface areas until they are dry. The materials generally dry within 20-30 minutes.


Some specialty services, like bed bug treatments and flea treatments, require all pets and persons to be out of the home for a period of time. This is not the case with routine pest control service.


Q: Is pest control safe for pets and kids?


A: All of our technicians are trained to treat safety as the top priority. Patton Termite & Pest Control is a family owned and operated company. We recognize the importance of keeping families and pets out of harm's way, especially in their own homes. All materials are used according to labels and guidelines with your pets and family in mind. We also offer Green Services for people wanting to limit exposure to insecticides in their homes.


Q: I’m very busy during the week, will the exterminator be able to work around my schedule?


A: Yes! At Patton Termite & Pest Control we do not give you a generic window of time for service.  We call you to schedule the appointment on a day and time that works best for you. We try our best to be on time, usually no later or earlier than about 15 minutes within the scheduled time. If we are going to miss that time frame, we will call you. Patton tries to make scheduling easy and convenient for every client.


Q: Do I need to pull everything away from the walls before pest control service?


A: No, you do not need to pull things away from the wall. We work around the furniture and objects in your home or office. Patton strives to cause as little disruption as possible.


Q: I haven’t seen any bugs lately, do I still need  regular service?


A: Yes! We are very happy that you aren’t seeing bugs. The absence of pests is the result of effective service. To maintain a pest free environment in your home, however, you shouldn’t skip services. The materials will break down and wear off after time. With the pest pressures in Wichita, we recommend sticking with an every other month pest control program. We stay ahead of pests by inspecting and responding to changing, seasonal needs.


Q: Do you treat the yard as well as the house for pests?


A: Patton treats structural pests. This generally does not include the yard. Our main concern is inside and outside of the home and garage and around the foundation, door seals and windows. We do offer some specialty services, however, for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes in the yard. If you have health-related pests that sting, bite, or suck blood we can extend the service to your property lines. Usually we charge extra for the extended service so give us a call to see what the right approach is for your needs. We can assess your residential pest control needs in Wichita and surrounding areas and come up with a solution specifically for you!


Q: I can’t get rid of these pests. Do I need to burn my house down?


A: We have not come across a pest problem yet that required such drastic measures. We will work with you from beginning to end to make sure the pest infestation is eliminated. Oftentimes, pest elimination is a cooperative effort between our technician and the homeowner. As long as you follow recommended clean-up, exclusion, or preventative measures we are confident we can keep your home pest free.


Q: What areas of Kansas does Patton service?


A: Patton provides residential and commercial pest control in the following areas; Wichita, Maize, Goddard, Cheney, Andale, Colwich, Mount Hope, Clearwater, Haysville, Derby, Rose Hill, Belle Plaine, Mulvaine, Park City, Valley Center, Kechi, Andover, Augusta, El Dorado, Benton and more. Check our service map to see if your area is included.