Taking Care of Spider Business 

If you read last month’s blog post, you know it’s potentially dangerous for spiders to call your house a home. While it’s always best to enlist a professional exterminator to deal with spider infestations, sometimes they can’t arrive quickly enough. Even Patton has experienced delays from factors such as extreme heat and staffing shortages. To help our clients stay ahead of spiders, here’s ways to prevent an infestation until experts can stop by.

Preventing a Spider Infestation

The best way to prevent spiders from entering your home is to clean your house regularly. Remember to vacuum corners, under furniture, and even the ceilings to remove cobwebs and spider webs. Instead of storing belongings in cardboard boxes, store them in airtight plastic containers to prevent spiders from hiding inside. Removing as much clutter from your home as possible is also a good way to prevent hiding spaces for spiders. Overall, clean houses make it harder for spiders to find hiding spots that allow them to stay in your home.

There’s also preventative measures that can be done to the outside of the house to prevent spiders from creeping inside. Sealing up your home will help to keep spiders from entering through cracks and crevices. Apply caulk around wires, cables, faucets and electrical components that run to the outside. Also replace or fix torn window screens and caulk up gaps around windows. Also be sure to cover outdoor vents with fine mesh insect screens. 

There are also a couple techniques you can employ to prevent spiders from coming near your house. Keeping outdoor lights off or switching to yellow sodium vapor lights keeps from attracting other pests that spiders feed on.  If you’re planning a landscaping makeover, remove vegetation within eight feet of the perimeter of your home. Shrubs, trees, and ivy provide shelter for spiders and harbor insects they use for food. 

Spider Infestation Won’t Go Away? Call Patton.

If spiders still find themselves in your home, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Patton Termite & Pest Control. We’ll identify what may be causing your home to become a breeding ground for spiders. Then we can provide you with the solutions necessary to eradicate them. Patton offers interior services and exterior sprays that will stop these insects from getting into your walls and foundation. Prevent spider infestations with Patton’s monthly service to scout for pests, set traps and treat your home’s interior and exterior. Keep your kids and family safe with pet-friendly, 24-hour a day protection. Get started now by calling or connecting with Patton online for more information.

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