Rodent Identification & Treatment 

Rodents are small mammals that commonly infest homes and businesses in Kansas. Mice and rats are the most common. Mice and rats can be differentiated by their ears, tail length, droppings and size. Both of these rodents are pests that can infest homes, cause structural damage and contaminate stored food and food surfaces. Both mice and rats also transmit and spread diseases. Different bait and trapping methods are needed for mice and rats due to the difference in size and behavior between the two rodents.

Mice and Rats

Mice are much smaller than rats. They can fit in the palm of your hand. Their droppings are close to the size of sprinkles. When they infest food bags and containers, it looks more like a nibble in stored foods. Mice, more commonly than rats, are found infesting homes in Wichita and surrounding areas.

In contrast, rats are much larger in size than mice and have longer tails. They are closer in size to a guinea pig. Their droppings are about 4 times larger than those of mice. When they infest food bags and containers they really do significant damage. Rats are much more destructive. They are more commonly found infesting yards and outbuildings. Also, you can find them by looking for evidence of burrowing.


Play Defense with Rodents

Taking a defensive approach with rodents lays the foundation for success. From there, count on Patton Termite and Pest Control to add extra layers of security around your home or business. With devices to intercept rodents, Patton places a protective barrier around your home. Keep overwintering pests from hiding in and around your home. Prevent pests early and avoid infestations with Patton’s professionals.

Quality Service, Quality Technicians, Quality Pro

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