Supporting Kansas Pollinators

Connecting with and educating the Wichita community means the world to Patton Termite & Pest Control, Inc. On April 21st, we will be celebrating Earth Day at the Sedgwick County Zoo as part of their Party for the Planet event. During the event, people can find out how to care for and protect their planet and learn about green pest control. Working together is how we can keep native Kansas pollinators healthy and thriving.

Why Are Kansas Pollinators Important?

Pollinators are any insect or animal that visits a plant and helps to transfer pollen to flowers of the same species. Once pollinated, a plant then creates seeds and fruit to be harvested or dispersed to grow more of that plant. There are many different types of Kansas pollinators. Common animal pollinators in our state include birds, bats, squirrels and mice. Insects are a major pollinator as well, and in Kansas that includes butterflies, bees, beetles, wasps, flies and ants.

All land-based ecosystems with plants rely on pollinators in one way or another. Specifically in Kansas, pollinators are crucial to canola, cotton, sunflower and alfalfa crops. These crops could not produce or be produced without the interaction of pollinators. Patton understands the importance of Kansas pollinators in the environment, but also knows how pollinators can quickly turn into pests. That’s why we focus on the invading pests and use eco-friendly products to keep other pollinators safe and working. 

Pollinator-Friendly Pest Control

There are many responsible and sustainable ways to control pests. The philosophy at Patton Pest is to eliminate pests using the least toxic and invasive means possible. That means using exclusion and environmental alterations to control pests before using chemicals which can unnecessarily harm Kansas pollinators in the process. A perfect example of a responsible way to control pests is our green, environmentally friendly Sentricon® Colony Elimination System. It uses termite biology against the colony to eliminate it from within. The system protects your home from termites without pumping thousands of gallons of chemicals into the ground. This is a greener, easier, cheaper, and less invasive way of dealing with termites.

Whether service related or about bug identification, we’re here to talk and answer any questions about eco-friendly pest control. Please feel free to give us a call at 316-773-3825 or email inquiries to We’re happy to send out a technician to look at your property and give you options and pricing.

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