Do you have mice or other rodents raiding your kitchen and eating your food? Are you finding bags chewed open, holes in your walls, and droppings in your kitchen? Before you head off to the hardware store to buy mouse traps – which is what most people do – you should consider working with a Wichita expert in rodent control. This isn’t just to bulk up our own business, but instead to save you money in the long run.

Reasons why Professional Rodent Control is better than Mouse Traps

Traps are difficult to lay. Many people think they just have to lay the trap and the rodent will come. That’s not necessarily true. You can put a gob of Velveeta, a smear of peanut butter, or even some brie on the mouse traps and you won’t tempt that little guy. It doesn’t matter where you put the trap, in the cabinet, in the cellar, right next to the mouse droppings, and you won’t get anything. Even if you do get a mouse, you still aren’t really solving the problem. Chances are, where there’s one, there’s more and you aren’t solving the root of the problem: where are they getting in?

Not all mice will venture down or over or up to where you set your trap.

Some mice are just too young or two old to forage for food, or they have a different location to forage in that you haven’t discovered yet. If you catch a mouse or two and don’t get anything for a few weeks, that doesn’t mean your mouse problem is gone and it was only one. It just means that the particular mouse or mice that were foraging in that area have been eliminated – there may still be more. Be vigilant and check for more droppings or call a professional rodent control company.



Traps don’t seal up entry points. Even if you manage to place all of your mouse traps in all the right places, using the proper bait and the right placement techniques, you still haven’t done the most important part: sealing up the entry points to protect from more intrusions. With entry points still open, mice can still get in, and you will need to repeat the process. Mouse traps add up over time, especially if you buy more humane ones. You need to fill in all the holes and use exclusion methods to deter mice from entering your home or business. Mouse traps alone will not protect you from the dangers of rodents.


What are some of those dangers?

Mice can cause all sorts of problems including stomach illnesses, can spread disease, and can introduce new parasites to a home or a business. Their foraging habits bring them into rotting bacteria-laden environments, and they bring that rot into your food cabinets. Think about those little feet running over you clean kitchen table. It’s enough to make you sick! But that’s not all, the CDC links rodents to many diseases, including Leptospirosis, Hantavirus and salmonellosis. Plus, rodents carry parasites like lice, ticks, fleas, and worms.

Contact a pest control company like Patton Termite and Pest here in Wichita and have your home or business sealed and disinfected as soon as you possibly can. Laying mouse traps just doesn’t work, and it isn’t worth your hassle. Let us help you through tried and tested rodent control.