Preventing pesky flea infestations before they invade your home is the best approach to pest control. During winter and spring months, plan ahead to provide a ring of protection around your property. At the first sign of pests, act quickly to regain your ground. Once a full-blown infestation is on your hands, it’s an uphill battle to push back these pests.

Proactive Pest Prevention

Treating dogs and cats with effective flea control medicine is the first step in pest prevention. Consult your veterinarian regarding the use of sprays, pills and collars that kill fleas. Be proactive with frequent baths and grooming.  Launder pet bedding and place it in an area of your home where sunlight shines on it throughout the day. Regularly vacuum floors and rugs.

Outside your home, keep your yard clean and remove overgrowth annually. Create a layer of pest deterrence around your home by eliminating hiding places for fleas, ticks, spiders and insects. Trimming shrubs and removing decay also discourages feral cats, possums and racoons from entering your yard and bringing fleas with them.

Early Detection and Patton’s Determination

Flea bites are painful and irritating to humans and pets. Regularly scheduled pest control from Patton’s team of professionals is the best way to get ahead of fleas and pests of every kind. Patton’s in-house entomologists develop comprehensive treatment plans with offensive and defensive tactics.

Regularly scheduled pest control from Patton’s team of professionals is the best way to prevent pests of every kind. If an infestation of fleas or other pests have taken hold in your home, call Patton Termite & Pest Control. Connect with Patton online or through a phone call to discuss pest control for your home or place of business.