Even though insects are small, some of them are quite dangerous to humans, directly and indirectly. This blog is a two part series of the ten deadliest insects. Here is 10 through 6:

  • 10. Hemiptera – Everyone is afraid of anything that sucks blood. These bugs are nicknamed as a “kissing bug” as they feed off blood of larger animals through their sucking mouthparts. Hemiptera also transmit Chagas disease, which is a chronic disease.
  • 9. Asian/Giant Japanese Hornet – Hornets, unlike bees, can attack multiple times with their stingers. A small group of these asian hornets can take out a hive of honeybees. Fully grown, asian hornets can grow to be as long as three inches. They also have a higher concentration of the typical pain-causing chemicals in their stingers. But these hornets have an enzyme that dissolves human tissue and it attracts other hornets to attack. Yeah, doesn’t sound like fun.
  • 8. African Ants – African ants devestated the African countryside as  single colony can contain up to 20 million ants. That’s a lot of hungry ants. They do thousands of damage to African crops every year, living villages starving.
  • 7.  Wasps – Wasps are terrestial compared to yellow jackets and hornets. Humans that are allergic to them can die with a single sting. However, they do not usually attack humans unless provoked.
  • 6. Locusts – Like african ants, locusts can devestate crops. In the bible, they were listed as the eight plague of Egypt and for good reason. They can cause starvation for long stretches of land.
Check back next month for the second half of this blog series. We will go over the five deadliest insects.

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