As the days get colder, darker and shorter, many of us breathe a sigh of relief–thinking that the pain of pest season has passed. No more flies on our food or mosquitoes zapping the joy out of every outdoor moment. While mother nature puts some pests to bed, winter weather conditions are the perfect excuse for others to invade your home.

No off-season for pests

Mice and rodents come rushing inside when the temperature drops. Cozied up in warm spaces like the fan behind your refrigerator or inside cabinets and near ductwork. Mice easily squeeze inside through very small cracks and openings. To keep them out, seal up gaps in your home’s exterior with steel wool or caulking. Keeping a clean house helps, too. Mice love to nest in untouched boxes or dark spaces unlikely to see the light of day for extended periods of time.

Be weary of brown recluse spiders in winter. These spiders are dangerous to humans and deliver a venomous bite when given the chance. Also attracted to dark, quiet spaces, brown recluse spiders hide in boxes, attics and seldom-used areas of your closet. Other common, cold weather home invaders include cockroaches, racoons and just about any small critter looking for a warm winter home.

The best strategy for keeping pests out of your home and yard involves efforts throughout the year. Don’t let your guard down. Keep up the fight through the winter and build on your efforts starting in Spring. You can keep the house clean and manage leaves, branches and other debris in your yard. Let Patton do the dirty work and combat pests with service scheduled year round.

Patton protection plan coverage

Include Patton in your pest plan of attack this winter. Let us investigate the trouble spots and weak points in your home’s protection and design a layer of pest control that works throughout the year. Patton Termite & Pest Control offers a comprehensive, proactive pest management service designed to protect your family from crawling insects, spiders, mice and more. Locally-owned with more than 20 years of experience in the Wichita area, you can trust Patton for year round pest prevention.