Patton Termite & Pest Control has made this guide to give you some helpful tips to keeps ants away from your home this spring. Ants will be emerging even before the plants start to bloom! Foraging ants are looking for food and water in or around your home. There are things that are appealing to ants inside but there may also be plants and conditions that make the exterior irresistible! It’s common for ants to come into your home after they’ve become established on the exterior.


You can take the following steps to reduce your risk for ants:

  1. Clean leaves and debris from the foundation of your home.
  2. Make sure your gutters are routed away from the foundation to keep water levels down.
  3. Keep bushes trimmed away from the house.
  4. Replace rotted siding and windows.
  5. Don’t over-water your lawn.
  6. Repair dripping or leaking faucets.
  7. Don’t use over-the-counter sprays!
  8. Last, call a professional if you want to kill the colony and solve your ant problem!

Taking these precautions can reduce the conducive conditions you have that may make your home appealing to ants. However, you can’t prevent them entirely. Ants populate in large numbers and it can be hard to pinpoint where they are coming from and how they are getting in. Then, after they’ve become established you won’t be able to keep them away. Ants use many signals to communicate with the colony. If you smash the ants or use your own over-the-counter sprays you will mix the signals and make it worse. They can then spread to different areas and avoid the areas you have treated.

We’re Here to Help


The above tips can help you take the right steps to keep ants away but ultimately, you should let a professional like Patton Termite & Pest Control help with your ant problem! So, give our office a call for more information and to get scheduled for your ant service today! 316-773-3825.