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termite treatment

Colony Elimination with Sentricon

Termite treatment is best managed by a professional. It is not something that can be solved with over the counter products or sprays. Our treatment can only be provided by a licensed and certified technician. The termite treatment that we use is called the Sentricon Always Active Colony Elimination System®. Each termite bait station is equipped with enough active ingredient to eliminate a standard colony. These bait stations are placed around the perimeter of the property approximately 8-10 feet apart. The stations sit flush with the ground and are not intrusive to landscaping.

Termite Treatment

The four images above show the different stages of Recruit HD® termite bait. There is a striking difference between the new bait and the bait that has eliminated the colony. The wood on your property could look like the after image of the bait, or worse, if you are not protected. The Sentricon System is designed to kill the entire termite colony and provide 24/7 protection of your home or business. So, this means protecting your property from new colonies as well.   Kansas has a climate that is very conducive to termite activity so protection is key! There is an average of 7-8 colonies per acre in Kansas. Protection from current and future termite activity can keep your mind at ease. It also allows us to monitor the activity at all times to keep property owners aware. For more in-depth information about termite treatment, visit our post “How Does an Exterminator Treat for Termites“!

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We offer free estimates for termite treatment. If you are seeing potential or confirmed evidence, give us a call! We are able to send a technician out very quickly to assess the situation. Whether you are interested in curative or preventative termite treatment, we would love to hear from you! Give us a call to schedule your free estimate at 316-773-3825. We can also be contacted by email at info@solongbugs.com.