We have composed a short list of questions for our technicians to answer regarding their experiences in the pest control industry. We will be posting a different “Technician Spotlight” for each technician. Our technicians are all responsible for different routes of residential and commercial pest control within Wichita and the surrounding areas. Their experiences and expertise in the field helps them become more knowledgeable about pests every day. As a company, we value their experiences and want to share some of the knowledge and observations they have!

Termite Manager: Tim Dahl

Tim Dahl grew up in the Valley Center area and graduated from Valley Center High School. He likes to hunt and fish in his spare time as well as spend time with his children and grandchildren. He has 35 years of experience in the pest control industry, doing pest control since 1984. Tim is one of our five Associate Certified Entomologists and the President Elect of the KPCA. He really has a lot of knowledge and experience which makes him a great team leader!

His favorite insect is a Conehead Termite

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Conehead Termite: Photo Courtesy: Pestworld

Q: What is your favorite pest control service to do and why?

A: My favorite service to do is termite inspection and treatment. I like the challenge of a termite inspection. Due to the termite pressure in our area, I have to approach every property like termites are there and it is up to me to find them. Then, I am confident I can eliminate the colony with the most advanced termite treatment available.

Q: What is something you have learned about the pest control industry that has surprised you?

A: It has surprised me how broad of a range of services you can offer for pest control. No pest service is the same. Also, the pest problems and pressures change throughout the year so you always have to be on your toes.

Q: Explain the most unusual/ memorable service for pests you have ever done.

A: I’ve done a lot of crazy services in my 35 years in the industry. I once serviced a hospital that was infested with Pharaoh Ants. The ants were infesting beds and getting into the gauze of patient’s wounds in search of protein. I had to service the hospital daily for a few weeks to get it under control.  I also went nose to nose with a badger in a crawl space, but that’s a story for another day.

Q: What is the most common question customers ask you?

A: Are termites active in the winter? (Yes, termites are active 24/7! They are constantly foraging for food for the colony.)

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Termites are always eating. They never take a break!