To prevent pest infestations in and around your home throughout the year, you’ve got to get started in early spring. Make your home an inhospitable place for pests. Remove inviting environments, patch holes and eliminate extra moisture. Taking small steps each spring will help you avoid infestations in summer.

Pests thrive in secluded areas. Dark corners of garages, cellars, crawl spaces, sheds, outbuildings and other undisturbed areas are the perfect environment for them to reproduce without interruption. Wood piles, overgrown fence lines and protected enclosures, like an electrical box or unused planter, give them a chance to establish themselves.

Plan Ahead and Act Quickly

During winter and spring months, plan ahead to provide a ring of protection around your property. At the first sign of pests, act quickly to regain your ground. Once a full-blown infestation is on your hands, the pests have an advantage and you will have to work twice as hard to get them out.
The In2Care Mosquito Trap, installed and serviced by Patton, is the perfect example of proactive protection around your home. Placing it outside early in the season keeps mosquitos from taking up residence in your area. Patton provides preventive as well as curative treatments. Follow the recommendations below to protect your home or place of business.

⦁ Regularly walk your property looking for any indication of pests
⦁ Check the foundation for moisture accumulation
⦁ Clean gutters to ensure properly flowing downspouts and splash blocks
⦁ Replace old boards, decaying wood and any problematic foundation issues
⦁ Keep vents clear from overgrowing vegetation, shrubs and tree roots
⦁ Remove tree stumps
⦁ Provide proper ventilation and reduce humidity in crawl spaces
⦁ Don’t allow wood to remain in direct contact with the soil

If you don’t address pest infestations early, eventually the damage will be so extensive you will be forced to fix it. Pests can cause serious structural damage to your property. The best bet is inspection and preventive treatment.
Prevent and Treat with Patton

In pest control, prevention pays off. Take a defensive approach and succeed in the fight to protect your property. From there, count on Patton Termite and Pest Control to add extra layers of security around your home or business. Prevent pests early and avoid infestations with Patton’s professionals. Exterminators inspect your home inside, outside, in the crawl space and in the basement for signs of pest activity.

Regularly scheduled pest control from Patton’s team of professionals is the best way to prevent pests of every kind. If an infestation has taken hold in your home, call Patton Termite & Pest Control. Connect with Patton online or through a phone call to discuss pest control for your home or place of business. With multiple entomologists on staff, the Patton team is happy to discuss your problem and provide a free quote for treatment.