Pest proofing your home from rodents can sometimes be a hassle, which is why hiring a good rodent control company is a must.

Forty percent of mammal species are considered rodents, and can be found in vast numbers on all continents other than Antarctica. The most common rodents we encounter in residential settings are mice, rats, voles and shrews. Rodents are specified by their sharp incisors that they use to gnaw wood, which can harm the siding, electrical wiring and the interior of your household. They mostly feed off of seeds and plants outside which can lead to further home garden complications. They are historically known as pests due to their consumption of seeds and their propensity to spread disease.

There are about 2,277 species of rodents. The ongoing success of the species to populate is partly because of their small size, short breeding cycles, and ability to gnaw and eat a wide variety of foods. They must keep their teeth worn down by gnawing, in turn the teeth are used for cutting wood, biting through skin of fruit, or for self-defense. Although some species of rodents, such as the guinea pig, have been domesticated throughout the years, most of the rodents in existence will cause harm and unrest in your household.

Rodent Control by Patton Termite and Pest

We offer a wide range of residential solutions at Patton to help you maintain a safe and healthy home environment, with rodent control as one of our specialties.

With each visit, we provide identification of common pest conditions that invite infestations. We offer many residential solutions from interior service to key areas, insect and rodent monitoring/trapping, to exterior perimeter power spray and/ or baiting. With our Premium Residential Solutions we can offer many services that aren’t commonly found with most pest control companies. We also provide a targeted follow up in a timely manner to ensure the remediation of pest problems.

We at Patton Termite and Pest in Wichita, KS use the top technology in Rodent Control to make sure we can eradicate your rodent infestation. We bring into your home over 100 years pest control experience so that you can be assured that we are doing everything in our power to help you to maintain a safe and happy home.

Patton Termite and Pest in Wichita, KS specializes in Commercial/Residential: eradicating of spiders, ants, termites, waspshornetsfleasbedbugs, insects and rodents. Patton provides insect and rodent monitoring / trapping, exterior perimeter power spray and / or baiting, termite monitoring, and brown recluse spider clean-out. Patton uses green, integrated pest management for chemically sensitive people. Contact Patton Today at (316) 773-3825.