If keeping pests out of your property is important, you’ve got to play defense. Get ahead of critters and actively work to make your home or business unattractive to them. Prevent pests year round and avoid infestations with Patton.

After more than 20 years of experience in pest prevention for the Wichita area, Patton has developed surefire protection strategies. Follow these tips and tricks in your yard, garage, shed and home interior to keep spaces safe and pest free.


The organic debris from falling leaves provides a great nesting place for ants. From there they will find their way into your home. Rake leaves away from the foundation as they begin to fall.


Make sure your home is sealed on the outside before cold weather arrives. The caulking around windows, doors and where the siding butts up to trim breaks down from the elements over time. This leaves gaps easily accessible to critters and creates the perfect entry point to your home.


Look for trim boards with water damage and replace them. Many times, sprinklers will take a toll on wood trim from watering the lawn all summer. Moisture-damaged wood is a big draw to ants and other insects.


Check door sweeps and seals to make sure they fit tight. It only takes a ¼ inch gap for a mouse to squeeze through. This is the time of year rodents are trying to enter.


Many people reseed their yards each fall. Make sure grass seed and bird seed in the garage is kept in a rodent proof container. Plastic or metal containers work best.

Take precautions, call the professionals

Taking a defensive approach to pest management lays the foundation for success. From there, count on Patton Termite and Pest Control to add extra layers of security around your home or business.

With devices to intercept rodents, Patton places a protective barrier around your home. Keep overwintering pests from hiding behind your siding this winter. Prevent pests early and avoid infestations. At any point in pest prevention efforts at your home or business, Patton is here to help.

For year-round protection, consider preventative pest maintenance from Patton. Get ahead of termites, ants, spiders, rodents and all the undesirable critters in and around your home. Call today or send an email--tell Patton what’s pestering you.