Tragedy Hits Kansas

We experienced some severe storms here in Wichita, Kansas on Tuesday, June 26th. However, this was nothing compared to the severity that the city of Eureka, Kansas faced. An F3 tornado directly hit the city of Eureka, Kansas on Tuesday, June 26th.  Many homes were damaged, if not destroyed. The cleanup effort jump started very quickly as many different businesses and city organizations sprung into action to help its residents. Numerous businesses, residents, and emergency response teams were scattered around town helping to clean up and repair the devastating damage.

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Taking Action

Soon after the tornado hit organizations began to mobilize. We were contacted by Dennis from the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort Inc. to help at the old Howard’s Grocery Store at 807 E River. It was going to be used as a storage location where residents of the city could come get food, cleaning supplies, and even furniture and appliances. This would tremendously help people get their lives back together after the tornado. The building, however, needed a little bit of love and clean-up before it was ready for supplies, especially food items.

Gerry, our general manager, did a full pest control service for the building to get it ready for donations. We wanted to provide a pest-free environment for the people of the city to keep their donated supplies. Every little action you can take to help your neighbors goes a long way. Our hearts go out to the people in Eureka, Kansas and they are in our thoughts and prayers.

Please take a moment to visit the website for the Churches of Christ at and even donate if you can! It is a great organization and does so much to help people in need all over the country. Disaster can strike at any moment and it is very comforting knowing that there are organizations and people out there who are constantly ready to help.