Fleas are wingless parasites that survive off of the blood of mammals. Their mouths are specially designed to penetrate skin and draw blood. Naturally, a flea infestation in a home is often an uncomfortable, aggravating hassle, as they can be especially hard to remove without the help of a pest control company.

There are over 2,000 species of fleas in existence worldwide – a majority of them tiny, nimble, and adept at jumping. Cat and dog fleas are capable of jumping up to 7 inches vertically, and around 13 inches horizontally – about 200 times their body length. Considering their body size, these feats make fleas one of the best jumpers in the animal kingdom.

Because fleas are lightweight, they can easily attach themselves to a host via hair or feathers. Despite their size, their bodies are extremely durable and resistant to pressure, making it virtually impossible to kill them by squishing or scratching them. Fleas’ eggs are white and oval-shaped, while the larva that emerge from the eggs are tiny and lightly colored. Fleas require blood to live and lay eggs; however, they can persist for up to one year without taking blood from a host.

After a family and their pets have returned from being away from their home for an extended period time, flea infestation is often a major concern. Fleas survive in a pupal cocoon if they’re unable to access an immediate food source. Also, in the right environment, fleas multiply at an astounding rate. 10 female fleas can grow to over a quarter million fleas in varying stages of life in a short period of just 30 days.

A flea infestation can present dangers to you and your family, as fleas carry a disease known as flea allergy dermatitis (FAD). FAD can lead to skin irritations, which are often red, itchy, and painful. In severe instances, FAD can also cause anemia, stomach flu, and tapeworms. Endemic typhus and bubonic plague can also be transmitted through contact with fleas. On a human host, fleas can attach themselves to hair within ten minutes, causing itchiness and soreness.

What to do about Flea Infestation?

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