Have you recently noticed a problem with spiders in your home? You’re not alone. Many homeowners are forced to deal with this potentially dangerous problem every year due to the surplus of this arachnid in the world. In fact, with about 40,000 species and 109 families recorded as of 2008, spiders have been found on every continent except for Antarctica. To solve your spider problem, you’ll need a professional spider exterminator.

When homeowners in Wichita, Kansas notice a large amount of brown recluse spiders in their home, this is typically due to a female laying eggs somewhere in the home. Because these egg cases can contain hundreds of eggs, a very large number of uninvited guests can pop up rather quickly. Many arachnids don’t have long lifespans, typically lasting about two years, but some such as the tarantula can live as long as 25 years. And while not all of these eight-legged critters are dangerous, some do have the ability to poison their victims with a single bite. While this is a generally rare occurrence, it’s important to deal with brown recluse spiders in a safe and professional manner by working with a reliable spider exterminator. But rest assured, there have only been about 100 deaths caused by these creepy crawlers since the early twentieth century.

Our goal here at Patton Termite & Pest Control is to enable you to live without fear of invasive insects. We can not only identify what may be causing your home to become a breeding ground for spiders, but we can provide you with the solutions necessary to eradicate them. From interior services to exterior sprays that will stop these insects from getting in to your walls and foundation, we go above and beyond what most pest control companies provide.

Thanks to our cutting edge technologies and proven methods, you can rely on our combined 200+ years of pest control experience to ensure a job well done in your Wichita, Kansas home.

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