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Pest Control Inspection

Pest inspection

Patton Termite & Pest Control protects hundreds of homes in the Wichita metro area from the pests that invade and damage our homes.  We take pride in our quick response times and the proven methods we use to solve pest problems in a safe and efficient way.  Patton Termite & Pest Control has two Associate Certified Entomologists on staff to assess pest problems and build a program that caters to your specific needs. We have provided below commonly asked questions about termite infestation.

Questions to Ask Pest Control Professionals during the Inspection

  • Are they a member of the National Pest Management Association?
  • What type of contract or guarantee is offered?
  • What type of treatment is recommended?
  • How long will the treatment take?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take to get rid of the termites?

Comprehensive Pest Control Program

Patton Termite and Pest Control can help

Pests in the Home

Patton Termite and Pest Control offers a comprehensive pest management program designed to protect your family from crawling insects, spiders, and mice. During the first service, Patton technicians will conduct an extensive initial inspection in and around your home. During the course of examining your home, we will look for access points for sealing that will keep pests out.  We will also knock down wasp nests and spider webbing.

With our service plan, we provide interior and exterior perimeter treatments. In the winter we can provide an attic treatment for spiders and other insects that tend to migrate into attic spaces to escape the cold. Your service technician will install zone monitors in strategic places inside the home to provide a 24-hour monitor for the tech to assess each time they service your home. The service provided is based on your seasonal needs and our expert interpretation of what we see. If pests show up between our regular services, we will return, at no extra charge, until the pests are gone.

The National Pest Management Association and the entire pest control industry are committed to managing termite destruction with the best technology and treatment operations.

All professional pest control products have been registered for use by the EPA. When they are applied according to label instructions by technicians who have been trained and licensed to use them, they pose virtually no risk.

Our technicians are trained to use the utmost care when treating around children and pets. Our mission is to use the safest methods of pest control to effectively eliminate your pest problem.


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