Patton Termite and Pest, with over a hundred years as a bed bug exterminator, is focused on treating Bed Bugs in the Wichita area. After all, if bed bugs affect one of us, they may just affect all of us! Bed bugs can cause many different health problems including skin rashes, dermatitis, skin infections, emotional problems, and allergic symptoms. That’s just the start: the can carry diseases, cause scabbing, and result in condemning of a home.

Otherwise clean homes can become infested with bed bugs in a variety of ways such as:

  • “Hitchhiking” on clothes, used furniture, shoes, pets, luggage, and people.
  • Nearby dwellings that are infested such as adjacent apartments or office spaces.  Bed bugs can travel easily through duct work and false ceilings, especially in apartments and motels.
  • Wild animals such as birds and bats can transfer them.

How can I tell if I have bed bugs?

Bed bugs are often discovered because of tiny dark dots lining your bedding or by seeing the bug itself. If you suspect they are in your actual bed, carefully examine the areas beneath fitted sheets, along the edges of mattress piping, if no bugs or evidence of bugs are found, remove the mattress and continue with inspection of the box spring paying close attention to the four corners under the plastic corner guards and the on the underside of the box spring where the dust cover is stapled into the frame. Check the bed skirt, if you have one, and look carefully at all linens, including crocheted or knitted blankets, throws, and even pillows.

Keep in mind that bed bugs can easily be missed during a visual inspection, so it is better to have someone with a trained eye, for example a professional bed bug exterminator like Patton Termite and Pest, have a look if you are having skin problems.

What if I don’t take care of it?

Eventually, infestations of bed bugs will get so bad that you will be forced to take action or you will have medical problems. At worst, bed bug infestations can cause as much damage as mold problems: you will have to leave the house for days for treatments, and many soft (cloth) material items will have to be disposed of.

Can I prevent bed bugs?

Bed bugs usually don’t happen because a family or home is dirty. Instead, it is caused by bugs coming from a nearby home, a hotel you stayed at, or with a friend that stays in your home.

Can you treat bed bugs by yourself, without a professional?

There is little to no chance that you will be able to eliminate the bed bug problem on your own without prior knowledge. Most commercially available pesticides (available at hardware stores or big box stores) are not designed for bed bugs and the use of these products (while they may kill some bed bugs) may actually spread the bed bugs to remote areas and make the problem much more difficult to solve. There are no bed bug pesticides available to the general market. While chemical remedies should only be handled by professionals, there are many non-chemical measures you can take to help eliminate the problem and speed up the results of your bed bug program.

How long does a bed bug treatment typically take?

The time it takes to complete bed bug exterminator treatments will depend on the severity and extent of the infestation. You will have to work with our qualified professionals to get a true time estimate. However, once we leave, you will still have to launder everything in your home before you are declared clear. We will work with you on the timeline for when you should do that.

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