Ant pest control service by Patton Termite & Pest photo credit: ‘Ajnagraphy’ via photopin cc

photo credit: ‘Ajnagraphy’ via photopin cc

One of the most common pest control problems people experience in Wichita are ants as they enter your house in search of food and moisture. These tiny foragers slip through cracks in windows and doors as they are attracted to sugary treats and common foods such as cheese, vegetables and meats. They also come in search of dead insects and damp or rotting wood. It doesn’t take long for an ant colony to form as they mature from juveniles to adults in a matter of days. And while they may all look like regular ants to the common eye, it’s important to find an ant pest control service that can properly identify the species around your home so they can be eradicated before they cause too much damage.

Types of ants:

Carpenter Ants
Usually reddish black in color and 5/8 inch in size, carpenter ants can damage the solid wood in your home as they remove it for nests.

Pavement Ants
Typically dark brown to black in color and about 1/8 inch long, pavement ants can infest a building and make their nests in crack in the pavement.

Red Imported Fire Ants
Usually dark reddish brown in color and between 1/8-3/8 inch long, Red Imported Fire Ants can cause a very painful sting and make large mounds in the ground for nests.

Pharaoh Ants
Typically yellow or light brown (almost transparent) and 1/16 inch long, Pharaoh Ants are an indoor nuisance that can transmit Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas infections. They are commonly found in hospital settings as well as nursing homes and apartment buildings.

If you can identify what kind of ant infestation you have when calling, our team at Patton Termite & Pest, with years of experience providing ant pest control service and other pest control solutions, will be able to help you faster!

How can I tell if I have ants??

Ants are one of the easiest pests to treat, because they aren’t afraid of you, and they won’t hide. You will see ants walks all over your home. They are drawn to areas with water or food. They may also go near the bathroom.

Can you treat ants by yourself, without a professional?

Most commercially available pesticides (available at hardware stores or big box stores) will kill ants in your home. However, this method isn’t always safe if you have children or pets in your home. A professional ant pest control service will have methods that won’t harm the earth or anyone who happens to come into contact with the fluids.

How long does ant treatment typically take?

It depends on the severity of your ant problem. We will have to look inside and outside to help stop them from getting in your home.

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